Taste Test: Rachel’s Cottage Cheese Roasted Red Pepper

rachels cottage cheese

Unlike many people, I eat cottage cheese because I really like it. Loaded with protein and low in fat, it makes a perfect mid-afternoon or nighttime snack (Bedtime Snacking on Cottage Cheese). Cottage cheese is also quite versatile: My favorite snack is a ½ cup of unsalted cottage cheese topped with jalapeño peppers and a tablespoon of salsa. So I was delighted when I spotted Rachel’s Wickedly Deliciousassortment of cottage cheeses on my grocer’s shelf. Although Rachel’s yogurt launched stateside […]

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Taste Test: Justin’s Nut Butter Squeeze Packs

Nut butters, such as peanut and almond butter, make great energy snacks. One of my favorite mid-afternoon treats includes baby carrots dipped in a side of whole natural almond butter. But if you’ve ever tried to pack nut butters to eat on the go, you know what a challenging mess it can be. Justin Gold, the CEO and Founder of Justin’s Nut Butter, fixed all that when his company started selling nut butters in convenient squeeze packs. Starbucks introduced the […]

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Taste Test: Starbucks’ Vivanno Banana Chocolate Blend

Starbucks' Vivanno Banana Chocolate Blend

Earlier this year when Starbucks announced its newfound commitment to a menu catering to a healthier lifestyle (Starbucks Offers Healthier Breakfasts), I was hardly convinced. But I continue to be impressed with Starbucks’ offerings. My latest taste test was a Banana Chocolate Blend from the company’s Vivanno Nourishing Blends line. The drink is made with one banana, bittersweet cocoa, milk (2% or nonfat) and a whey protein and fiber powder. If you’re in a bind and are looking for a […]

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