How to play squash alone?


Amidst the turmoil of daily haste to get up on time and keep up with pace of the world, sometimes the importance of mental health is forgotten. Sports are the best way to rejuvenate your mind and keep healthy both physically and mentally. Modern cities are getting pervaded with new constructions to accommodate the number of people toiling around. This leaves lesser opportunities for outdoor games and thus indoor sports have gained attention in recent years; and one such popular […]

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Push-Ups: Can You Drop and Do 20?


The amount of push-ups you can do is an excellent indicator of your muscular strength. So what’s your number? To find out, do as many push-ups as you can—until you literally drop. Everyone should include the standard military-style push-up–with only the hands and toes touching the floor–in their training routines, and that includes women. Performing push-ups in the bent-knee position only perpetuates the gym myth that women can’t do standard push-ups. And if you suck at push-ups, it’s probably because […]

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