This Week’s Leg Workout


Warm-up: 5-10 minutes on stationary bike Tri-Set (use dumbbells to intensify): Walking lunges (length of gym) Step-ups Standing calf raise Tri-Set Single-leg squat press Hack squat Sitting calf raise Compound Set Romanian deadlift Back squat Cool down: 5-10 minutes on stationary bike

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The Basics: Compound Sets

compound sets

Compound sets, also known as push/pull, are a great tool to achieve balance in your physique because they work opposing muscle groups. To complete a compound set, choose a push movement–the bench press, for example–and a pull movement, such as a seated row. Perform one set of bench presses, immediately followed by a set of seated rows without resting in-between. Working opposing muscle groups back-to-back improves balance, strength and coordination!

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