Cardio or Weights First?


When’s the best time to do get your cardio in: before or after your strength training session? This debate has been brewing for some time, and there has never been a clear consensus. But Dr. William Kraemer revisited the issue and gave some interesting new insight into the cardio vs. weights debate. “What’s been coming out in the literature now is that the imprint that’s left by the last exercise form that you choose–whether it be strength training, endurance running […]

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Quad Dominance and Neck Pain in Women

neck pain

Most of us know that women have about 40 to 60 percent the upper body strength of men, while pound per pound, their lower body strength is much closer. But when it comes to the lower body, did you know most women are quad dominant? That means women tend to recruit their quadriceps before their hamstrings. To correct the strength imbalance in the lower body, female athletic training and strength coach John Paul Catanzaro suggests including hip extension with pulls, […]

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Tinkering with Kettlebells


You’ve probably spotted someone training with kettlebells at your gym recently. Kettlebells aren’t novel–they first appeared in a Russian dictionary in 1704–but they are new as a gym phenomenon, being touted by some trainers as the top tool for overall fitness. A kettlebell, or girya, is a traditional Russian cast iron weight that looks like an iron bowling ball with a suitcase handle. They come in 8lbs, 12lbs, 18lbs, 26lbs, 35lbs, 44lbs, 53lbs, 70lbs, 80lbs, 88lbs, 97lbs, and 105lbs increments. […]

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Got Back? Learn to Love Chin-Ups and Pull-Ups


It’s sad that no one loves them, because chin-ups and pull-ups should be the backbone of your back training routine. These exercises help build and strengthen your back, which improves posture and reduces back aches. And both chin-ups and pull-ups should be included in your workouts because they are different exercises. The grip is what sets them apart. A chin-up is done with a pronated grip (palms facing away from you) and chin-up are done with either a semi-supinated (palms […]

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Craving Sweets? It Could Be Your Bodyweight


It’s a catch-22: Being obese makes you less sensitive to sweet taste, which leads to more sugar cravings and more weight gain. That’s because body fat is responsible for getting your brained hooked on sugar. Penn State researchers looked at the differences between the sense of taste and pleasure that obese and lean individuals derive from sweet foods. “When you have excess body weight, the brain is supposed to tell you not to eat more, or not choose high caloric […]

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Why You Should Eat Jicama Today


A dietary staple in Latin America, jicama is a root vegetable that looks like a turnip with thin gray, tan, or brown skin and a white, fleshy interior. Raw jicama tastes similar to an apple crossed with a potato. Best of all, this healthy food is low in calories and fat, but high in fiber. A 60 g serving of jicama (about ½ cup) has only 25 calories, 5 g of carbohydrates, 3 g of dietary fiber, and 1 g […]

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