Are You Neglecting Your Posterior?

Are You Neglecting Your Posterior

You’re dutifully hitting the gym four times a week, but how do you train your posterior chain? The posterior chain muscles include the lower back, glutes, hamstrings and calves. Developing and strengthening this area will not only improve your strength and speed, but help balance out the generally overly dominant quadriceps muscle. When your quads are too strong, the muscles on the front of your body tighten, stretching the opposite muscles–your glutes and hamstrings–making them longer and relatively weaker (Quad […]

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Lose Fat, Not Weight

If you’re “skinny fat,” chances are you don’t want to drop weight, just fat. Don’t confuse fat loss with weight loss! The two aren’t necessarily interchangeable, and here’s why. Your total weight in kilos–or pounds–is a number that doesn’t discern between fat and lean body mass. Fat mass includes essential body fat (the fat in cell membranes and surrounding internal organs) and storage body fat, which your body uses as insulation and a source of fuel. Lean body mass, meanwhile, […]

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