Fit Parents, Fit Kids, Fat Parents, Well…

Fat Parents

Moms and dads who are active during pregnancy and early in their child’s life tend to raise more active children. That’s according to findings from the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children(ALSPAC).

But the link with a mother’s activity during pregnancy is not due to biological factors inside the womb.

According to the study, a mother who is physically active during pregnancy is more likely to remain so after pregnancy, which in turn influences a child’s physical activity. Therefore, prioritizing exercise means your kids likely will too.

Consequently, having an overweight mother speeds a child’s path to obesity.

A study published in the Archives of Disease in Childhood found that children with overweight or obese moms had around 4 percent more body fat than those whose mothers were of normal weight. And children who had acquired a high percentage body fat by the age of 3½ were significantly more likely to be obese at the age of 7 than those with low percentage body fat.

Why does this matter to you? Since kids embark on the path to health and fitness so early in life, why not apply counter measures early? Exercising during and after pregnancy will influence your children’s physical activity–and help you ward off those extra pounds. So exercise for yourself and your kids will benefit as well!